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Learn Left Right

For ages 2 to 5
Category: Education
Size: 33.7 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPad Retina, iPad mini. Requires iOS 5.0 or higher

Is your child having trouble with the concept of Left hand/Right hand? Left foot/Right foot? Learning the concept of left side/right side has never been more fun! In this teacher developed app your child will learn through 4 stages. First there is a “Pup-torial” teaching the concept. That Instruction is followed with games that increasingly challenge the child’s understanding of left/right.

In stage 1, a very helpful, energetic puppy teaches via written and verbal cues that guide your child’s selection of left or right.

In stage 2, a more random choice is presented which will indicate to the child his/her progress of understanding left/right. Helpful Puppy is still a guide to let the child know if he/she has selected the correct or incorrect left/right hand or foot.

In stage 3, a Game Challenge is offered with only verbal cues helping in left/right selection. Energetic Puppy is still assisting. When all answers are correct, Puppy offers its paw for a high-five.


In stage 4, the Super Game Challenge is provided with only verbal cues within a time limit. Each correct answer adds to the score, each incorrect deducts from the score. When all answers are correct, Puppy howls. Puppy also offers encouragement to “lick-it,” with a congratulatory smooch! Keep tapping Puppy at the end for fun, he flips and howls.

Endless play allows the child to keep playing the Super Challenge, or start over from the beginning.

This app is safe for children, No Ads or In-App Purchases are included.

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