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Baboon Bert

Baboon Bert's Bare Bum

For ages 2 - 10
Category: Games
Size: 136 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPad Retina, iPad mini. Works with iOS 5.1 to 7.01
Story & Reviews

Hilarious! An animated bonanza with over 200 interactions on 21 pages, fun games, and a reading comprehension page with animated scoring. Bert will have you laughing and crying on his journey to self-acceptance! A very funny story!

Teachers, parents and educators will love the lessons of self-confidence, being tolerant, solving problems, that being different is what makes you special, and more. The animated reading comprehension page is a great way to discuss the story and interact with your student or child.

“ All bare, this iPad storybook is worth the trip, not only for all the interactive fun in tow, but especially for its message of diversity and acceptance.” Kirkus Reviews

“This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life." BestAppsForKids.org

“Baboon Bert created by Purple Friend Interactive has really captured the meaning of an interactive story app." I VIEW APPS

"Baboon Bert is a top interactive storybook app for iPad to let your kids learn about diversity and self-acceptance." Fun Educational Apps

“Baboon Bert reaches children with a positive message of diversity, appreciation, inclusion, and tolerance through its bright and humorous story." Apps For Homeschooling

Bert, a young baboon, is excited about making new friends at camp, until they tease him about his bare bum. Did you know that baboons don’t have fur on their bum’s? Bert tries to be accepted by his new friends as he tries to hide and cover up his bum, but finds out that the things that make you different are the things that make you special.


Over 21 pages of fully interactive illustrations.

Over 200 interactive animations to find and enjoy.

Character voices and sounds on every page.

Games for learning and fun include:

* Find the hidden parrot on each page

* Tic Tac Toe

* Pack Bert's Bag

* Mango catch and count

* Scavenger Hunt / Find Hidden Objects

* Jigsaw Puzzle

* Animated reading comprehension page

Professional voice narration options:

* Auto Read

* Read-To-Myself ( manual )

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